How to get an aadhaar ?

 UIDAI have set up enrolment camps for aadhar registration through enrolment agencies and state governments . currently Aadhaar enrolment camps are working at various locations in different cities and villages .The resident primarily needs to carry certain documents which will be specified in the media advertisement. unfortunately , UIDAI website havent displayed current enrolment camp in
respective area . peoples should be aware about enrolment camp in area. generally ,enrolment agencies put advertisement in local newspaper and display banners in you area .if enrolment camp in your area is working then,

go to the nearest Enrolment Camp . register for an Aadhaar and fill out enrolment form.attach documents with enrolment form and submit it .documents will be verified .then residents will go through a biometric scanning of ten fingerprints and iris. They will then be photographed and given an  enrolment number upon completion.check out information filled in computer is correct or not. if not ,tell to correct it.residents will be given acknowledgment reciept .residents will be issued an Aadhaar UID allotment letter having unique ID speed post at your address within 20 to 30 days (may be longer) .  Acknowledgement receipt  
Allotment letter

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Basic Info:What is Aadhaar / UID need of aadhar Benefits for ResidentsWho can get aadhaar ? cost? documents required? Questions and Answers
Download:enrolment form (Maha)enrolment form (AP)enrolment camp (Maha)
Important:Contest for studentsJobs ,Internshipsfirst Aadhar recipient
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Aadhaar : Popular PostsDownload Enrolment form this is enrolment/application/registration  form available in maharashtra state . enrolment form in other state may be different. Documents required for aadhaar While enrolling for Aadhar UID ,the set of documents have to be submitted with enrolment form as a demographic data including the proof of...Aadhar UID enrolment camps in Maharashtra              Enrolment camp addresses in Maharashtra state for UID aadhar registration are given below . note that some enrolment camp addr...Online registration in Andrapradesh & download form           Govt. of Andrapradesh have been enrolling Aadhar UIDs through somewhat online system .on the basis of ration card no. ,the whole...  UIDAI have set up enrolment camps for aadhar registration through enrolment agencies and state governments . currently Aadhaar enrolment ...status of Aadhar UID all over India  UIDAI have geared up for faster aadhar enrolment covering nearly two millions aadhaar registrations per month .65,88,358 aadhaar allotment...What is Aadhaar ?Aadhaar is a 12-digit U nique ID entification ( UID ) number which the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) will issue for al...Who can get aadhar ? What is cost? An Aadhar UID is for  individual who is a resident in India including childrens,babies. person to be enrolled should be present at aadhar...Benefits for Residents: The Aadhar UID will become the single source of identity verification. The scheme willgenerate and issue Unique Identity numbers to all the...know Aadhaar UID in 10 points .Aadhaar UID is 12 digit Unique identification number not card. the aadhaar UID number will be stored in a centralised database and linked t...Aadhar updates by Emailis UID project useful for indians?LoadingUse google chrome or mozilla firefox for best results | contact us | privacy policy |terms of uses |disclaimerCOPYRIGHT (c) 2011Aadhaar UID card by Aadhar UID blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 India License.Based on a work at Commons LicenseIndiBlogger - The Largest Indian Blogger CommunityAs Featured on ArticleCity.comFeedage Grade B rated rssmountain - rss feed directory - rss feed search engine RSS SearchFree Blog DirectoryTechnology blogsTechnology BlogsTechnology blogsTechnologyTopOfBlogsBlog DirectorySubmit Blog DirectoryBlog CollectorBlogs DirectoryListed in LS Blogs the Blog Directory and Blog Search Enginelink directoryFreehold for sale UKGetBlogs Blog DirectoryBlog Directory Visit to discover Indian blogsListed in Blogs By

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